What makes Dr. Gruber one of the BEST Denver functional medicine doctors?


    We are a concierge medical practice so we make ourselves available to our patients on an as-needed basis. Although Dr. Gruber is still a practicing E.R physician, he is available by phone, text and email even when we don’t have regular office hours. Our office staff is also always reachable.

    Dr. Gruber is constantly learning the latest new information available in functional medicine and then sharing that knowledge when treating his patients. When a patient comes to him with a new challenge, he will do the necessary research. He seeks out the appropriate testing where needed and keeps digging until his patients find the answers they were seeking.

    Many of our patients have told us that partnering with Dr. Gruber to improve their health has been life changing for them. Almost all of our patients report they feel much better than they did before they became a patient.

    When you become a patient of J. Gruber Health Solutions, you essentially become part of our patient family. We are a small, concierge medical practice. We begin by getting you started on your own individualized treatment plan, and then we follow up with you regularly. When you get in touch with us, we know who you are, why you came to see us and more often than not, what hours you prefer to make your office appointments based on your schedule.

    Dr. Gruber has spent over three decades in emergency rooms in Denver caring for patients needing immediate medical attention. He can handle whatever illness and injury comes his way, whether it’s a high fever or a life threatening event such as a heart attack or an accident. He has seen and dealt with it all. He has been practicing functional medicine for ten years and in this capacity, he relishes the opportunity to go beyond the instantaneous concerns and dig deeper. He gets to help his patients figure out what is causing symptoms they are having and put them on a path to better health.



Overall Wellness Through Functional Medicine

Functional medicine, also known as holistic or integrative expands the conventional medicine focus on diseases and symptoms to incorporate your body’s full potential for wellness. It shifts the emphasis from treating only symptoms to an approach that is designed get at the root cause. We use numerous methods to determine the ideal steps required to optimize your overall health.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone health is all about maintaining the healthy level of hormones required throughout the aging process to live better and feel better.

Anti-Aging Therapy

Age management medicine (also known as anti-aging medicine) focuses on early detection and prevention through comprehensive evaluation, well-established therapeutic methods, and solid science.

GI / Digestive & Leaky Gut Solutions

Many people suffer with chronic gastrointenstinal and digestive issues and in some cases, it can be diagnosed as leaky gut. When that happens, undigested food particles, toxic waste products and bacteria leak though the intestines and flood the blood stream.

Low Sex Drive, Low libido & Sexual Wellness Solutions

We work with our patients to help determine the root cause of decreased libido and attain their desired level of sexual wellness.

Denver Thyroid Specialist

An improperly functioning thyroid can cause a host of problems ranging from brain fog to anxiety, fatigue and even depression. It is often difficult to properly diagnose and treat the thyroid because a full range of tests is needed to know exactly how to proceed. Even if you have the correct diagnosis, finding the right treatment can be challenging.



Meet Dr. James Gruber

Dr. James E. Gruber is the founder of J. Gruber Health Solutions in Greenwood Village, Colorado. He is a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, board-certified in Emergency Medicine, and board-certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Dr. Gruber remains involved in continuing research relative to the various modalities available to provide healthy outcomes for his patients. He believes the first and most important step in this entire process is to listen intently to each of his patients and attributes the success of his practice to this very important first step.

“It is our goal to help people like you feel and function better as you age. Traditional or Western medicine tends to only treat symptoms, and does not focus on determining the root cause of your health concerns. By taking a collaborative and holistic approach, I use evidence-based therapies and individualized planning to address your personal health goals.”  — Dr. Gruber

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