Personalized Root-Cause
For Targeted Deep Healing

At J. Gruber Health Solutions you will experience a unique and comprehensive approach to scientifically based medical treatment. Our program is ideal for any individual with chronic or degenerative diseases and looking for answers and solutions.

We ascribe to the philosophy that our body has the innate power to combat disease, and accelerate healing with the proper approach and medical guidance. Our individualized patient approach is rooted in the ancient art of “simply listening” to the patient who knows their body best. Dr. Gruber implements his medical investigation skills to develop personalized solutions for your specific health concerns. We work beyond the point of simply treating disorders – Dr. Gruber is truly outcome-based with a solid focus on healing.


1What conditions can age management medicine benefit most?
Regenerative medicine is also known as Anti-Aging medicine. As we age many aspects of our health decline due to the degenerative processes. These aspects can include weight gain, decreased energy, impaired sexual function, higher risk of heart disease, decreasing mental capacity, as well as loss of muscle and bone mass.
Recent scientific advancements of early detection and prevention now allow us to slow and sometimes reverse the natural course of aging, and to function and feel better. This new field of medicine takes an aggressive, preventative approach to reverse and/or minimize the impacts of aging.
Benefits can include:
  1. Increased energy
  2. Improved libido and sexual function
  3. Lower risk of heart disease
  4. Healthier immune system – (less risk of developing cancer as well as various infections)
  5. Sharper mental function
  6. More ideal body composition with less body fat and more lean muscle mass
2How does anti-aging medicine work?
There is no magic pill or medical shot that will stop or reverse the aging process. At J. Gruber Health Solutions we focus on developing a proactive individualized treatment plan for each of our patients. We conduct an extensive initial evaluation and provide comprehensive lab testing. Based on the evaluation and lab results coupled with information we obtain from a detailed medical history you provide, we develop a treatment plan that will meet your needs and improve your health.
This treatment plan may include improvements regarding nutrition guidelines and exercise plans and/or stress reduction. We frequently employ nutraceutical supplements to assist with various health issues identified. For many patients, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is indicated to achieve specific healing related goals. For some patients with very specific needs, the use of neurotransmitter testing and balancing is also beneficial.
3How do I get started?
Send us a message or call us at 303-746-1964.
The first step is to get scheduled for baseline labs and salivary testing. We will also request you fill out a comprehensive questionnaire designed to obtain key health information vital to Dr. Gruber as he designs your individualized treatment plan.
After we receive your lab tests you will schedule an evaluation appointment with Dr. Gruber.
  • Commercial Real Estate Agent
    “Dr. Gruber is off the chart responsive! Dr. Gruber is 100% invested in your health and has impressive medical detective skills.”
    Commercial Real Estate Agent
  • Woman Patient, 60’s
    “One thing they do at Dr. Gruber’s office is not acquiesce to what the insurance companies mandate that his office do. Dr. Gruber steps back and analyzes what is really going on. In fact, he was willing to run an extra cardiac CRP test on me which validated some concerns I had—and, all while other doctors had ignored my requests.”
    Woman Patient, 60’s
  • Nurse
    "Dr. Gruber was the first doctor that actually listened to me and took proactive moves based on what I told him. If I drop the ball on my end regarding following his directions, Dr. Gruber treats me like an adult and just helps me get back to where I should be without a lecture.”
  • Mid 50’s Event Planner
    "I have only seen Dr. Gruber for six months but the results far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Gruber is laser-focused on problem solving, as that is exactly what he does."
    Mid 50’s Event Planner