Dr. Gruber’s functional medicine treatment approach is summarized as follows:


Many patients schedule their initial visit due to the fact their needs are not being met by conventional medicine. Other patients simply want to explore our unique approach to wellness and prevention. Regardless of the reason, your initial appointment is centered around listening to all of your concerns, reviewing your lab test results, analyzing your current diagnoses, and then custom formulating your specific treatment plan.


Our assessment protocol begins with reviewing the answers you provide to our extensive health questionnaire and evaluating the results of your baseline lab testing. Your questionnaire addresses personal and family medical history, lifestyle habits, your exercise/sleeping habits, among other topics. The baseline lab testing includes blood and saliva testing. Together the results provide a full picture of your overall health and wellness, which aids Dr. Gruber in his process of identifying the root cause of your health concerns.


Upon identifying the root cause(s) of your specific health condition, Dr. Gruber customizes a personalized treatment plan designed specifically for you to meet your ideal health goals. Your personalized plan will include a comprehensive approach to your acute and chronic medical conditions. Your plan will also map out a personalized preventative health plan that may include nutritional counseling, advice regarding exercise, physical conditioning, stress management and other health maintenance support tools.

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