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Low Sex Drive, Low libido & Sexual Wellness Solutions Using Functional Medicine

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We work with our patients to help determine the root cause of decreased libido and attain their desired level of sexual wellness.

Decreased sex drive is a condition that is so unique there is no definitive way to monitor it. Doctors have no gauge for what a "normal" sex drive should be, so it is defined differently with each and every patient, men and women alike.

Only you can define what your natural desire for sexual relations should be. If you notice a decrease in your libido it could the result of a medication, a medical condition, hormonal issues, depression, fatigue or a number of other factors.

There is a high probability your problem is fairly common among other patients and it is exciting to know that the issue can be successfully treated. At J. Gruber Health Solutions, we will determine the root cause of your libido issues and help you attain the sexual wellness you desire.

Low Libido in Women

Not Just Physical

Sexual health is an important aspect of everyone’s quality of life. A woman’s sexual health is directly linked to her emotional and physical health. Whether decreased libido is caused by physical, psychological, or hormonal imbalances, we can develop a treatment plan that restores your vigor to a level that meets your expectations.

Some physical and psychological causes for low libido include:

  • Pain experienced during sex (STDs, etc.)
  • Hormonal imbalances (menopause/fatigue, etc.)
  • A pre-existing condition such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and other effects from medication
  • Depression
  • Stress and Anxiety

Low Libido in Men

Beyond Symptom Treatments

Sexual health is an important aspect of everyone’s quality of life. A man’s sexual health is directly linked to his emotional and physical health.

Whether your issue is decreased libido or Erectile Dysfunction (ED), at J. Gruber Health Solutions we can determine the root cause and create a customized treatment plan for you.

There are a number of factors that can lower sex drive:

  • Side effects from medications such as antidepressants or drugs for high blood pressure
  • Hormonal imbalances (fatigue, low testosterone)
  • Poor sleep habits
  • Stress
  • Drug or alcohol abuse

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