Patient Spotlight: Healing a Leaky Gut & Gastrointestinal Issues/Stomach Pain

When Sheri, 63, first walked into J. Gruber Health Solutions, she had never heard of a leaky gut. For almost two years, Sheri had sought resolution from her abdominal discomfort, which ranged from bloating and discomfort to debilitating pain. Her first stop was a gastrointestinal specialist who ran imaging studies and found no structural issues, but was willing to do more expensive tests. Sheri decided instead to try over-the-counter remedies, like probiotics. These only lessened the discomfort but nothing eliminated her symptoms entirely. Sheri was discouraged. She knew there was no way she could thrive with the stomach bubbles and pain she felt every time she ate.

leaky-gut-GI-issuesDr. Gruber worked to find the root cause of her gastrointestinal issues. She received testing for food sensitivities, and a dietary antigen test. Here, she discovered a long list of foods that were part of her regular diet were causing or worsening her gut symptoms. Happily, though not without a lot of careful planning, Sheri went on a rotational diet, altogether eliminating the foods that were found to be highly problematic for her, and alternating other foods found to be moderately or mildly problematic. During this time, she also worked closely with Dr. Gruber to ensure she was taking the right nutraceutical supplements to support the gut healing process.

For several months, Sheri exercised discipline in her supplement regimen and strict rotational diet. Though the healing process did not happen overnight, now, Sheri only takes a daily probiotic and occasionally, a digestive enzyme (especially if she knows she is going to eat spicy food). Otherwise, she lives a happy and healthy gut life by eating to her stomach’s desire. And she says it is all thanks to Dr. Gruber’s amazing insight, advice and patience.

Sheri most appreciated the evolution of her treatment plan, which included the addition and subtraction of different supplements based on how her healing was progressing. She calls herself “living proof” that leaky gut can be healed, especially with the guidance of a qualified functional medicine doctor.

Sheri’s advice for others that may be resigned to live with the stomach upset, fatigue, headaches, confusion, joint pain, skin problems, inflammation caused by leaky gut? There is hope. The work up you receive will be tailored to your specific symptoms. It could range from food antigen testing to SIBO testing to a comprehensive stool analysis or food sensitivity testing. Working with a thorough and committed functional medicine specialist, like Dr. Gruber, can heal your gut and put you back on the path to good health.

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