Regenerative Health and Nutrition

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about gruber The human body has the ability to regenerate cells, as that is how we grow, develop, and heal. As we age, the body’s ability to heal itself becomes progressively impaired. At J. Gruber Health Solutions, the main goal in regenerative health & nutrition is to find natural sources/methodologies to assist the body’s self-healing abilities. Nutrition plays a monumental role in our overall health, as food choices function much like building materials. The quality of your health depends on the quality of the fuel you supply it with, along with the building materials available for cellular regeneration.

  • A customized physical exercise routine boosts the immune system, prevents disease, tones the body, and can reinvigorate your sex life.
  • High-quality sleeping patterns are key to maintain a healthy mental status, good memory, metabolism, mood, cardiovascular health, and more.

How does inflammation affect the body?

A: Inflammation is at the root of many diseases including dementia, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, Parkinson’s and arthritis.

What health conditions can regenerative health & nutrition approach benefit most?

Through years of research and practice, we find this regenerative health approach effective in treating the following diseases/symptoms: sexual dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, decreased energy levels, brain fog, joint pain, weight gain, insomnia, thyroid issues and loss of libido.

How does it work?

In assisting you to improve your diet, exercise habits, stress management techniques, balancing your hormones, and often adding nutraceutical supplements, you can decrease the overall level of inflammation in your body and prevent or reverse many disease processes before they become problematic.

Where do I begin?

Send us a message or call us at 303-746-1964.

The first step is to get scheduled for baseline labs and salivary testing. We will also request you fill out a comprehensive questionnaire designed to obtain key health information vital to Dr. Gruber as he designs your individualized treatment plan.

After we receive your lab tests you will schedule an evaluation appointment with Dr. Gruber.