Many types of adult illnesses are due to the degenerative processes traditionally attributed to aging such as heart disease, cancer, stroke, dementia, high blood pressure and, Alzheimer’s disease. With early detection, improved nutrition, and positive adjustments to your lifestyle, you can minimize the risks of these major diseases.

Anti-aging medicine focuses on stopping and reversing age-related diseases. Through pre-emptive testing we can reduce known risk factors and optimize your health.

As a leading expert in the preventive age management medicine, Dr. Gruber helps patients like you, optimize health and vitality through:

  • Frequent screening
  • Modern laboratory testing methods
  • Latest medical imaging technologies
  • Early diagnosis
  • Prompt intervention
  • Clinically verified treatments

Anti-Aging (Age Management) Questions

Regenerative medicine is also known as anti-aging medicine. As we age many aspects of our health decline due to the degenerative processes. These aspects can include weight gain, decreased energy, impaired sexual function, higher risk of heart disease, decreasing mental capacity, as well as loss of muscle and bone mass.

Recent scientific advancements of early detection and prevention now allow us to slow and sometimes reverse the natural course of aging, and to function and feel better. This new field of medicine takes an aggressive, preventative approach to reverse and/or minimize the impacts of aging.

Benefits can include:

  • Increased energy
  • Improved libido and sexual function
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Healthier immune system – (less risk of developing cancer as well as various infections)
  • Sharper mental function
  • More ideal body composition with less body fat and more lean muscle mass
There is no magic pill or medical shot that will stop or reverse the aging process. At J. Gruber Health Solutions we focus on developing a proactive individualized treatment plan for each of our patients. We conduct an extensive initial evaluation and provide comprehensive lab testing. Based on the evaluation and lab results coupled with information we obtain from a detailed medical history you provide, we develop a treatment plan that will meet your needs and improve your health.

This treatment plan may include improvements regarding nutrition guidelines and exercise plans and/or stress reduction. We frequently employ nutraceutical supplements to assist with various health issues identified. For many patients, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is indicated to achieve specific healing related goals. For some patients with very specific needs, the use of neurotransmitter testing and balancing is also beneficial.
There is no specific age for beginning our program but rather, it depends on the way in which your body is currently functioning and how you are/have been feeling. For women the body can begin to feel differently up to 10 years or more than it has in the past before the onset of menopause. Often for men, health issues begin to develop around the age of 40. As we all know, health issues can occur at any age.
A successful Regenerative Health & Nutrition program requires a medical professional trained in this discipline. Cutting-edge diagnostic testing can often predict disease processes years before they begin to manifest. Customized programs in Regenerative Health & Nutrition likely include vitamins, nutraceuticals and/or, the need for hormone re-balancing prescribed and supervised by a board certified health professional.

More Services

Overall Wellness Through Functional Medicine

Functional medicine, also known as holistic or integrative expands the conventional medicine focus on diseases and symptoms to incorporate your body’s full potential for wellness. It shifts the emphasis from treating only symptoms to an approach that is designed get at the root cause. We use numerous methods to determine the ideal steps required to optimize your overall health.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone health is all about maintaining the healthy level of hormones required throughout the aging process to live better and feel better.

GI / Digestive & Leaky Gut Solutions

Many people suffer with chronic gastrointenstinal and digestive issues and in some cases, it can be diagnosed as leaky gut. When that happens, undigested food particles, toxic waste products and bacteria leak though the intestines and flood the blood stream.

Low Sex Drive, Low libido & Sexual Wellness Solutions

We work with our patients to help determine the root cause of decreased libido and attain their desired level of sexual wellness.

Denver Thyroid Specialist

An improperly functioning thyroid can cause a host of problems ranging from brain fog to anxiety, fatigue and even depression. It is often difficult to properly diagnose and treat the thyroid because a full range of tests is needed to know exactly how to proceed. Even if you have the correct diagnosis, finding the right treatment can be challenging.