Commercial Real Estate Agent

“Dr. Gruber is off the chart responsive! Dr. Gruber is 100% invested in your health and has impressive medical detective skills.”


“Sheri and Dr. Gruber are so relatable and proactive. You develop a professional friendship with them. Dr. Gruber respects that everyone is an individual and is very scientific and focused in his approach.”

Woman Patient, 60’s

“One thing they do at Dr. Gruber’s office is not acquiesce to what the insurance companies mandate that his office do. Dr. Gruber steps back and analyzes what is really going on. In fact, he was willing to run an extra cardiac CRP test on me which validated some concerns I had—and, all while other doctors had ignored my requests.”

Dawn M.

“I value the fact that Dr. Gruber really personalizes everything that he does juxtaposed against my labs. He is open to things you might want to try but only as it relates to your lab work.”


“Dr. Gruber was the first doctor that actually listened to me and took proactive moves based on what I told him. If I drop the ball on my end regarding following his directions, Dr. Gruber treats me like an adult and just helps me get back to where I should be without a lecture.”

Frank K.

“When Dr. Gruber is on your team he is all in, and he is even available to answer any medical questions that might arise with other family members.”

Mid 50’s Event Planner

“I have only seen Dr. Gruber for six months but the results far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Gruber is laser-focused on problem solving, as that is exactly what he does.”